Picture in Picture - iPad User Guide

On supported models, you can watch a movie or use FaceTime while you use other apps.

The Mail app fills the screen while a video is playing in the lower-right corner.

Use Picture in Picture. When watching a video or using FaceTime, press the Home button or tap the Picture in Picture Start button. The video screen scales down to a corner of your display so you can see the Home screen and open other apps.

Resize the video window. Pinch open to make the small video window larger; pinch closed to shrink it again.

Show and hide controls. Tap the video window.

Pause and resume play. To pause, tap the Pause button in the video window. To play again, tap the Play button.

Move the video window. Drag it to a different corner of the screen.

Hide the video window. Drag it off the left or right edge of the screen.

Close the video window. Tap the Close button.

Return FaceTime or a video to full screen. Tap the Picture in Picture button in the small video window.

Turn Picture in Picture off. Go to Settings > General > Multitasking, then turn off Persistent Video Overlay.