View documents - iPad User Guide

Files brings all your documents together so that you can browse, search, and organize them in one place, including files in iCloud Drive and across other cloud storage providers like Box and Dropbox.

View recent documents and folders. Tap Recents at the bottom of the screen.

The Files app with the Browse sidebar on the left and folders for the iCloud Drive location on the right.

Tip: To see recent documents from the Dock, touch and hold the Files icon.

Browse documents and folders. Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen, then tap an item under Locations, Favorites, or Tags. To open a folder, tap it. (For information about marking folders and documents as favorites or with tags, see Organize documents and folders.)

Open a document. Tap it. If you haven’t installed the app that created the document, a preview of the document opens in Quick Look.

Change how documents and folders are sorted. From an open location or folder, drag down from the center of the screen and tap the Name, Date, Size, or Tags button.

An iCloud Drive location showing buttons to rearrange the sidebar, to sort according to Name, Date, Size, and Tags, and to change between list and icon view.

Change between list view and icon view. From an open location or folder, drag down from the center of the screen, then tap the List View button.

Find a specific document or folder. Enter the name in the search field. As you type, results start to appear.

  • Hide the keyboard and see more results on the screen: Tap the Keyboard key .

  • Open a result: Tap it.

  • Search for something else: Tap the Clear Text button in the search field.

Add a cloud storage service. Download the app from the App Store, open the app, then follow the onscreen instructions. Open Files, tap More Locations (under Locations in the Browse sidebar), then turn on the service.

Rearrange the Browse sidebar. Tap Edit at the top of the sidebar.

  • Hide a location: Turn it off.

  • Remove an item from the Favorites list: Tap the Remove button next to the item.

  • Delete a tag and remove it from all items: Tap the Remove button next to the tag.

  • Change the order of an item: Touch the Reorder button, then drag it to a new position.